Staycation During Public Holiday Singapore

Staycation During Public Holiday Singapore

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Staycation comes from 2 words: stay and vacation. People (single, a couple, or even a family) People start to do a staycation when they do vacation in their home area. They usually prefer to book a Hotel room and spent a night or two there during a short escape.


Short Escape in Public Holiday Singapore


During the COVID-19 pandemic, people are encouraged to stay at home for school, work, and spent their minimum time roaming the public spaces, to keep the number of infections stay low.

For the first or second month, people still enjoying their time at home. When the pandemic strikes for the first year globally, people find it so boring to always behind the door day by day and they need to get some fresh air in the new environment.

Luckily, we have the Public Holiday Singapore 2021 which can be used for short escape through booking the hotel in our neighborhood.

On 20 July 2021, there will be Hari Raya Haji (Eid al-Adha) that most Muslims will sacrifice their halal livestock like goats, sheep, or cows. Muslims also will share the meat with their neighborhood to share a good meal (meat) usually to the people that in the lower economic state.

On 9 August 2021, we will celebrate Singapore’s National Day and people will wear red and white and join the National Day Parade.

On 4 November 2021, Deepavali – Hindus religious festival will be celebrated, and there will be a lights festival at Serangoon Road. A very pleasant night to enjoy the night view and took pictures too.

On 25 December 2021, people will celebrate Christmas Day for all Christian not only in Singapore but globally.

Having many holidays means that we can take a break from daily routine activity, but sometimes we do not have any idea to spent it wisely. People sometimes just lay down on their bed and scrolling their social media.

What Staycation Can Do?

You might be doing a similar activity during the staycation, but a different ambiance surely improves the mood by refreshing your mind. To boost the occupancy rate, there are the Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers from Singapore’s government that will give you a discount of up to SGD 100 by redeeming it through the code when you book your staycation room.

There are many eligible rooms from 2-stars to 5-stars hotel choices for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers such as Capella Singapore. Simply choose the one that you want to spend the night there and having a good day visiting several tourism destinations (which are also eligible for Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers).

Another good news is, as long as You are a minimum of 18 years old, you also may bring your family to get another discount offer for each person. Did I mention earlier that you can book at many hotels across Singapore?

So wait no more, now discuss with your spouse and family to plan your next fun staycation on your next holiday in Singapore. Don’t forget to do thorough consideration with your family members before you decide to choose Singapore Staycation Deals.

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